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License Management Software

License Management Software

Simplify your license management, eliminate the spreadsheets and other manual systems.

License Management Software

Avior License Management Software (LMS) is a powerful yet easy-to-use application which allows organizations to accurately manage licenses. A clean, intuitive design that works well on desktops, and mobile devices makes LMS easy to use from day one. The tool tracks your licenses and related information and sends you notifications for upcoming license renewals.


Avior License Management is a powerful and easy-to-use tool which allows organizations to accurately manage business licenses and permits. The tool helps license professionals minimize the time and expense spent maintaining licensing and regulatory compliance. Our secure web-application makes maintaining your license data easy.

Key Features

  1. Full view of your licenses per jurisdiction
  2. Email alerts ahead of expiration dates


By using Avior License Management Software (LMS), users can:
  1. Eliminate legacy systems of spreadsheets and calendars
  2. Reduce risks of license gaps and missed renewals
  3. Ensure security, controls, and retention requirements
  4. Reduce time and cost on repetitive tasks